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25 Jelly 2024


This is our always growing list of downloads directly hosted on FrobozzMagicCo.com.

DUNGEON (Mainframe version of Zork)

  • Dungeon
    .Z5 version of Dungeon (R12 990623)

  • Dungeon
    MS-DOS port of RT-11 version distributed in 1980 by DECUS

  • Dungeon
    TADS port of Dungeon 3.1 with source code

  • Zork bugs
    A doc with some of the bugs you can find in Zork I, II and III




  • Beyond Zork Nemesis Pt. 1
    Fan fiction by Henrik Kroener

  • Beyond Zork Nemesis Pt. 2
    Fan fiction by Henrik Kroener

  • Frobozz Magic Support
    The entire Frobozz Magic Company tech support staff has disappeared, except for you. While you figure out what happened and how to undo it, you have four service calls to handle in small Zorkian environments. TADS version with solution included.

  • Interview of FrobozzMagicCo.com to M. Laird
    Interview dated 1/3/2001

  • Perilous Magic
    Very short Zork homage, centered on a throwaway joke in the Sorcerer manual. Z5 version.

  • Pork I
    MS-DOS adventure that is parody of the classic Infocom text adventure ZORK I. UNDERGROUND EMPIRE

  • Pork II
    MS-DOS adventure that is parody of the classic Infocom text adventure ZORK II.

  • Return to Flood Control Dam #3
    Return to Castle Wolfstein map

  • Return to Zork Theme
    Theme for Windows

  • Return to Zork: Another Story
    .Z8 version of my adventure

  • Spiritwrak
    A story of a cleric with a quest that spans the world of Zork as the Age of Magic gives way to the Age of Science. Very much in the spirit of the works on which it's based. Has a modicum of seriousness, as the protagonist confronts the truth about his holy scriptures, but mainly consists of messing about with absurd magics like dehydrated volcanoes. Z5 version with solution.

  • Zork I
    HUGO port of the game

  • Zork The Undiscovered Underground
    Commodore 64 disk version

  • Zork: A Troll's Eye View
    Another one-room joke game. You too can experience the boredom of a monster guarding a passageway!