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25 Jelly 2024


Here you are a collection of links related to the world of Zork.
If you know about a site that you want to be added at this list, just E-Mail us the url at: Staff@VGenerations.it.

 Brass Lantern
  A little more on adventure than interactive fiction.

 Chronology of Quendor
  Exhaustive timeline of the Zork series of games.

  Personal website with many references to Zork

 Enciclopedia Frobozzica V1.0
  Web Version 1.0 of the second edition of the Encyclopedia Frobozzica by Nino Ruffini, revised from the bound version included in Return to Zork.

 Enciclopedia Frobozzica V2.0
  Web Version 2.0, the "Abridged 10723" edition of the Encyclopedia, with many updates by Ominous Bells including events from Nemesis and Zork Grand Inquisitor.

 Frobozz Magic Hosting Company
  Some subsidiaries still exist! Lol!!

 GUE Network (Dead)
  A tribute page that hosts even a mirror of the old New Zork Hotel.

 GUE Tech
  The GUE-Tech server page.

 History of Zork @ Gamasutra.com
  Six pages full of history about Zork

 Infocom Documentation Project
  The main resource for scans of Infocom documentation

 Legends of Zork (New)
  Official site of the new Zork MMO game

 Legends of Zork artist (New)
  The artist's page

 Legends of Zork: Blog (New)
  The game's official blog

 Malinche Entertainment
  Designers of the adventure games Greystone and Pentari: First Light.

  Personal website with many references to Zork

 Return to Zork (again)
  Petition asking Activision to continue making Zork games.

 The Big Zork Page (Dead)
  An under-construction site on Zork made by an old friend.

 The GUE's Elite
  A Yahoo-Group dedicated to Zork

 The Zork Experience
  History of the Zork games, screenshots, maps, walkthroughs for all games, and parody box covers.

 The Zork Library
  One of the oldest site dedicated to Zork.

 Ur_Grue's Lair (Dead)
  Tribute to the Zork text adventures.

  THE magazine for interactive fiction enthusiasts.

 Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe
  The best place where to buy Infocom games

 Zork I as a module for NWN2
  Blog of the author of the upcoming module for NWN2