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Mud Day, 
27 Arch 2023

  14 Estuary 2009 - LoZ Team welcome you adventurer!

From the official blog:

"Fight Bloodworms in the Jungles of Miznia, visit G.U.E. Tech for some magical training, or just hang out at Port Foozle. The familiar White House is the starting point for your adventures, but Legends of Zork will let you wander throughout the world first made famous almost thirty years ago.

You play a recently fired FrobozzCo travelling salesman who finds that he and other unfortunates have been reduced to venturing into the most exotic corners of the land in search of zorkmids.

Gain experience and wealth as you battle creatures, dodge traps and solve puzzles. The game is designed to be played at your own pace, so you can log in and do some exploring whenever you feel like it. Achieve fame by challenging other players in the arena or form a group to take on some of the more difficult quests.

The card game Double Fanucci also makes an appearance, in the form of a full deck of 174 Fanucci cards that you can collect and use to improve your skills. Experiment with different combinations to find the ideal configuration. Enchanted Fanucci cards can be found in some of the most dangerous locations, but having the right stack of cards can make a real difference in a tough fight.

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  14 Estuary - LoZ Team welcome you adventurer!
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