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Sand Day, 
1 Ottobur 2023

  5 FrobuaryTR 2006 - Let's rebuilt it all over (again)

Hi everyone.
Have been a couple of years since my last update of this site.
As some of you might remember, I was working on a new Zork game called Worlds of Zork.
The game was planned to be a real-time 3D Rpg-Adventure that could be programmed with a simple language that I invented.
All in all it was meant to be more of a game, like a new platform to be used to develop new adventure games.
Unfortunately I found great difficulties in some of the aspects of my idea (like the room sharing), so I abandoned part of that idea.
What now?

Well, I spent last months working on a web portal dedicated to console games and now, that the portal is up-and-running, I'm here again, ready to build up again this 'old site and re-work again my idea on a Zork game.
Yes, a new Zork game is again in the works.
I know that always less people are interested in Zork, but my love for this game is still here and I hope I'll be able to share it with others.
So, if you want to talk about Zork, talk about this game, or anything else about the world of Zork, please, join my new forum.
It is an "international channel" hosted on my portal where you can talk freely in English.


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