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  12 FrobuaryTR 2008 - Seems that Return to Zork was planned for Jaguar too!

Probably you know how much I'm in love with Return to Zork, even if I agree on many complains moved to the game.
I recently discovered that this game was also planned to be released on 3DO and Atari Jaguar!
The 3DO version seems arrived just to the form of a "prototype", while of the Jaguar version we have only few references inside Atari Explorer Online. In the magazine issue of January 1994 they say:

"Return to Zork by Activision. The next generation of classic Zork adventures makes its triumphant 64-bit debut! The closest an interactive computer game has ever come to cinematic quality production, Return to Zork fully showcases Jaguar's powerful graphic capabilities by combining a mix of full-motion video live action scenes, and photo realistic animation. This amazing 64-bit adventure is filled with danger, intrigue and low cunning. It's loaded with fascinating puzzles, and a revolutionary interface, an original cast of real Hollywood actors, more than an hour of spoken dialogue and 200 CD-quality musical themes."

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  12 FrobuaryTR - Seems that Return to Zork was planned for Jaguar too!
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